"Be fearless, yet humble. Bold and action-oriented, otherwise life passes you by. And pursue your dream. You can attain it." - (C.Toftoy, 2016)

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In Kenya 2018
Amazing Fireside Talks Signing Events

Eyes of Cold Case Killers Signing Event
  It's in the Eyes Signing Event 



Charles - Cadet at West Point

Charles in Vietnam
Charles - West Point Class

Charles in Vietnam Special Mission Jump
Charles with Senior Olympics and Vietnam Medic Vet

Charles in Vietnam
Charles Visit at West Point with 2 cadets he mentors

Charles - Decorated Vietnam Vet

 Vietnam Combat Jump 1969

Blessing of the Animals

Zoe on left - Sasha on right

Ready to Play Pickelball

Chilling with Zoe

Patty and Charles Toftoy

More Great Pictures from Chuck