"Be fearless, yet humble. Bold and action-oriented, otherwise life passes you by. And pursue your dream. You can attain it." - (C.Toftoy, 2016)

Eyes of Cold Case Killers

Cold Case Killer Haunts Washington, DC Metro Area

Lars Neilsen, a professor-sleuth, and his highly skilled Alpha Team put their lives on the line to catch the cold case killer of twenty victims.

Taurus, nick-name for the killer, has a track record of murders from Buffalo, Albany, Philadelphia to the Washington, D.C. Metro area. His modus operandi is mostly strangulation---placing a plastic bag over the head of his victims.

D.C.'s heightened restlessness is reminiscent of the post 9/11, snipers, and anthrax scares. Everyone is walking on pins and needles, particularly in the Northern Virginia region. The entire nation watches.

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